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I started a roof last week. Suppose to be a quick little 3 day job? was a 25 Square 3 tab 10/12?.one story but had about 10 square of mansard roof included in that 25. I just got thru rebuilding this customers foundation that had washed out?and That'set him back around $7500. Well he had me give him a price on his roof when I was doing the foundation..I was thinking he would do it in the Spring. He called me and said he wants to do the roof but that with him just spending an unexpected $7500 on the foundation, could I work with him on the price any. I had already bid this job pretty close and I told him I couldnt go much cheaper. He had a deck he wanted a price on adding steps on?so I told him I would include the steps and roofing permit in my estimate and he said that is good, let's do it. I asked him if I could get in his attic to look at his decking to make sure it looked ok?.he said there is no access to attic, it was all vaulted. SO I said ok?hopefully it has good decking. Well on our first day we tear off a section and dam?it was all nasty planking, 1◊3, 1◊4, 1◊6?nothing the same. Areas were rotted out and gone, I have pictures I will try to post. Any how?I called the homeowner and told him we had to put new decking on?.no choice, he asked how much $ and I said around 25 a sheet about 40 sheets?..he said ?WHEW?OK?. It ended up taking 45. Well we are on our 5th day on this job and now are up to almost 60 sheets of decking total! Even the newer mansard roof was rotted away in spots?.we used 15 sheets of decking on a 10 square mansard! I have replaced about 10 rafters, rebuilt all around 2 windows in the mansard & 60 sheets of decking. I am just freaking thinking this guy is going to shit when he gets his bill? bill is going to be 25-30% higher than estimate. In my estimates I always write that no decking is included and put the additional cost if needed?but I kind of pride myself on my final bill being less than my initial estimate. This job has just been a killer?and I hope the homeowner Don't think I did this on purpose. If I would have known the decking was bad?.I would have told him up front to expect added expenses. I can see a sheet or 2 of decking?..but to not see the entire house was bad?.makes me look bad. How you guys deal with this stuff? Thanks!
Category: Roofing Post By: VIRGIL MOSS (Waterloo, IA), 02/02/2018

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