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Sub Title ?Wear and Tear? We did this roof over 10 years ago, the 1st2 pics are at completion. Got called out a few weeks ago ?leak? :blink: I went down there within a couple of days, spent about 2 hrs talking with the people inside and looking around on the roof. couldn't find anything wrong with our roof. It is quite possible it was a leaking window. :dry: haven't heard anything since. But what knocked me out is the wear and tear on the roof membrane, white granule loss is quite a bit. I expected a bit, but not as much as it is. Product was withdrawn from the market about 3 yrs after we did a chit load of roofs with it. SBS from Korea, importer has gone out of business. these 2 pics from recent visit. I told them to start saving up for a UV protective coating job. ? In the meantime I'll look around for a coating that can wIt'stand ponding water, if there is such a thing. I haven't found one yet in the 40 years I've been roofing that actually performed more than a couple of years.
Category: Roofing Post By: ANDRE MCDANIEL (Santa Fe, NM), 02/24/2018

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